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Valve’s Combine Universe

I’m such a portal/halflife addict… not in the way that I play all their games (which I haven’t) but that i love the worlds that Valve created because they’re just so genius. I mean, where else can you find a world taken over by aliens with a few humans surviving and an awesome kickass scientist with a PhD, a crowbar, and lots of cool weapons? as well as some other aliens who are awesome and powerful and extremely helpful and can do cool psychic power stuff. And lets not forget Aperture Science, the facility that’s run by an omnipotent artificial intelligence robot named GLaDOS who killed all the workers of the labs years ago and is perfectly content testing test subjects for ages, until one of them with a ridiculously high tenacity level “kills” her by dropping parts of her into an incinerator. This test subject is then dragged back into the facility and put into stasis for __ years, where she is then woken up by the dumbest moron who ever lived to try and escape the facility. Of course, the moron, was being a moron, and woke up GLaDOS again, so that test subject has to go through new tests because she’s the only human left alive in the enrichment center.

It’s one screwed up world :)

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